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Who is our service intended for?

Our website gives up-to-date information for the use of data providers and software developers. It tells you how to provide data correctly to The Netherlands Tax and Customs Administration and the conditions your software must comply with to ensure that the digital message interchange with The Netherlands Tax and Customs Administration takes place with as little disruption as possible.

Through this website you as a data provider and/or software developer can register for a support subscription. Once your registration has been accepted you will have access to the following information:

  • the current (delivery) requirements for data provision and software development;
  • news reports about data provision and software;
  • testing facilities;
  • contact details for support.
Warning!  Please note!

The service desk from Support Digital Messaging (SDM) does not answer questions related to taxation matters in individual cases, nor does it deal with issues of fiscal interpretation.
For such inquiries please consult www.belastingdienst.nl/ individual contact.

Who are data providers?

Organisations designated as obliged to keep accounts or which are subject to that obligation on the basis of international regulations must provide data on their own initiative. These are our data providers. Financial institutions are an example.

Who are software developers?

We regard anyone who develops software for the purposes of digital messaging with The Netherlands Tax and Customs Administration as a software developer. Examples are:

  • developers of administration and tax return software for commercial purposes;
  • taxpayers and those obliged to withhold tax who develop their own tax return software;
  • salary administration agencies who submit tax returns for their clients using internally developed software.

More information is available in the Dutch brochure ‘brochure Diensten aan softwareontwikkelaars’.
The English brochure ‘Services available to software developers’ will soon be available.

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