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Digital Platforms Income information/DAC7 v10

Release Notes

On this page you can download the ZIP-file with all products for
Digital Platforms Income information/DAC7

In the ZIP-file you will find the Product overview.

Version history

1004-12-2023- Changed specifications added (Message- and Data specifications)
- Improved Testmessages added (Service documents)
0922-11-2023Information about the Aansluit Suite Digipoort added (Interface specifications)
Changed specifications added (Message- and Data specifications)
DAC7 Business rules for RPOs in NL / DAC7 Business rules voor nationale leveranciers added (Message- and Data specifications)
DAC7 country list / DAC7 Landenlijst added (Message- and Data specifications)
New Specifications ValidationTestService Digital Platforms Income Information added (Testfacilities)
0727-09-2023Known errorlist added (Known errors)
Testmessages added (Service documents)
0615-09-2023Changed specifications added (Message- and Data specifications)


Note on the Dialogue for submitting DAC7-reports:

For DAC7 reports, the validation results are reported back via the Status Message.

Therefore, no status 500 (Validation at requesting party successful) or 510 (Validation at requesting party unsuccessful) will be registered in Digipoort.

So the last status to be reached for DAC7 reports is status 400 (Delivery to requesting party successful) or status 410/425 (Delivery to requesting party unsuccessful / Maximum number of delivery attempts reached).

Short after status 400 is reached, the Status Message is made available in Digipoort.

Interface specifications

Digipoort Koppelvlak WUS 2.0 voor bedrijven v1.2 

This set of documentation contains the English version of the interface specification. The interface specification of Logius describes how the services of Digipoort have to be invoked. The details of each service are described in the service descriptions. More information about Digipoort Interface WUS can be found on the website of Logius and on the Aansluit Suite Digipoort.