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General information about Data delivery by Payment Service Providers (PSP)

This information is intended for payment service providers who are required to submit data to the Netherlands Tax Administration on a quarterly basis regarding cross-border payments as of January 1, 2024. The legal basis is regulated in the bill implementing the Payment Service Providers Directive (in Dutch). This bill implements EU Directive 2020/284.

The Manual 'Data Delivery by Payment Service Providers' provides insight into the background of the data delivery obligation for cross-border payment information, which payment service providers must report, and informs on when, what and how to deliver.

This manual describes the tax-legal topics (relevant EU/EC Directives and adapted national VAT legislation, in this case "Wet op de omzetbelasting 1968" implementing the EU Directive 2020/284). For payment service providers, the Wet OB 1968 forms the basis for the registration and subsequent submission of payment data to the Netherlands Tax Administration.

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If so, please contact the Netherlands Tax and Customs Administration.

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