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Services from Logius for PSP_CESOP

Digipoort Interfaces

Documentation Interface Digipoort Bestandsuitwisseling FTP v1.6.1

This documentation set describes how to invoke the Digipoort services. More information about Digipoort Interface File Exchange FTP can be found on the website of Logius and on the Aansluit Suite Digipoort.

Receiver address
As soon as the receiver address is known, we will notify you via our website.

Messageflows table

This table contains the information about all message flows. Like the exact name of a message flow, period of validity, entrypoint, etc. etc. The Messageflows table is published in the Aansluit Suite Digipoort. The changes are specified on the tab Release Notes in this file.


Each message flow has a fixed set of specifications. In the interface these specifications are enforced through Digipoort.

Aansluit Suite Digipoort (Logius)

The Aansluit Suite Digipoort (Compliance Suite) of Logius offers functionality to assist in connecting with Digipoort (Procesinfrastructuur) and also in preparing and exchanging of messages. The primary purpose of the Aansluit Suite Digipoort is to support software developers in developing  system connections with Digipoort.

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