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Payment Service Providers v09

Release Notes

On this page you can download the ZIP-file with all products for
Data delivery by Payment Service Providers (PSP)

In the ZIP-file you will find the Product overview.

Download specifications Data Delivery by Payment Service Providers (PSP_CESOP)

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Version history

0922-11-2023- New version Part2 added (Message- and Data Specifications)
- Receiver address production added (Interface specifications)
- Information about the Aansluit Suite Digipoort added (Test facilities)
0810-10-2023- New version Dialogue added (Dialogue)
- New versions Parts 3 and 4 with the attachement added (Message- and Data specifications)
- CESOP- Guidelines for reporting added (Service documents)
- Extra Testmessages added (Service documents)
0714-09-2023Added modified XSD’s (Message and Data Specifications)
0617-08-2023Changed specifications Validation Test Service added (Test facilities)
- Dialogue Data deliveries (PSP_CESOP) by Payment Service Providers via Digipoort File exchange FTP1.0 added (Dialogue);
- New versions Part 2 and 3 added (Message- en Data specifications);
- New versions XSD’s added (Message- en Data specifications);
- New Example message added (Service documents).


Changes in Part 2:


The element DOCREFID is used to identify the Complex Type ReportedPayee. The DOCREFID must be unique in time and space. It is referred to when correcting or deleting the data related to the Complex Type ReportedPayee. The correcting records must have different DOCREFIDS than those of the records being corrected.

This element gives the Complex Type ReportedPayee a unique identifier across all the messages.
Each consequent message that refers to the ReportedPayee, must be submitted with its own unique identifier.

Reporting via Digipoort

Documentation Digipoort Interface Bestandsuitwisseling FTP v1.6.1

This set of documentation contains the English version of the interface specification from Digipoort. The interface specification of Logius describes how the services of Digipoort have to be invoked. More information about Digipoort Interface Bestandsuitwisseling FTP v1.6.1 can be found on the website of Logius and on the Aansluit Suite Digipoort.

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